Overview of the CanOps Structure

CanOps is a unique not-for-profit organization with an established and evolving Governing member class that governs the organization, selects the products, services and programs that CanOps will support, and sets the nature of the CanOps role in each.

The CanOps structure also includes a Board of Directors, Line of Business Management and multiple Advisory Groups.  For each of its Lines of Business, CanOps works to develop the right in-house and outside scope services to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

CanOps’ registered head office and business office are located in Regina, Saskatchewan. CanOps functionally operates in a virtual manner, which ensures that the infrastructure costs are kept low and the organization can operate in a scalable manner, according to the priority demands of each line of business and the national public safety user community. All CanOps’ lines of business will operate out of locations that are most efficient for the line of business and/or as per the specific requirements of operating agreements.

Although CanOps is a national body, it is structured to work in cooperation with Federal/Provincial/Territorial (FPT) oversight and advisory bodies to ensure FPT interests are considered in the development and delivery of specific lines of business.


organizational model

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The governing members, the Board of Directors, the management and the professional staff of CanOps all represent recognized and highly qualified leaders in every aspect of public safety in Canada. With a combined experience base at both policy and operational levels spanning fire, emergency management, emergency medical, policing, emergency planning, search and rescue, and related information and communications (ICT) technologies, the CanOps team brings unparalleled knowledge and expertise to bear on its primary mission – to develop and lead integrated public safety solutions.

To date since its formation in 2014, CanOps has placed a priority on aligning these unique capacities with urgently needed solutions and emergent opportunities to improve public safety effectiveness and efficiency across Canada. Through this, CanOps has already demonstrated its ability to conceive, mobilize wide stakeholder support, and effectively operationalize new lines of business that are viable, sustainable and prudently managed.



The CanOps Governing Member class is self-defining, in that it can add additional organizations to the class.  Class A voting membership is open to the Council of Canadian Fire Marshalls and Fire Commissioners (“CCFMFC”) organization, CCFMFC member organizations, members of the Canadian Council of Emergency Management Organizations and any other public safety organization who has applied and has been accepted by the Directors for Class A voting membership in the Corporation.


New Strategic Direction

The CanOps board recently established a comprehensive strategic direction that sets the stage for its continuing contributions to the public safety landscape.  Expressed within this strategy are a number of core values and operating principles that drive CanOps going forward.


Elements of the CanOps Strategic Direction 2017-2010

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CanOps Services

The services provided by CanOps may vary greatly from one product, program or service to another. Depending on the needs of the initiative, the services may range from product management for a national initiative, to ownership, to governance, to service delivery, administration, support and more.

Any programs, projects and/or services brought under the CanOps umbrella are given careful consideration to ensure they are in line with the mission and goals of the organization.

Each Line of Business CanOps takes on is supported by a business and implementation plan which identify the human services and technical resources required to effectively deliver the products or services, as well as the sources of revenue to operate on an annual basis.

Revenues to support operations come from a variety of sources within each Line of Business. For a product or service to be approved within a CanOps Line of Business, it must be self-sufficient to generate enough revenue to cover all operational expenses, or include an alternate funding method to cover any shortfall as identified in the business charter.

It is important to note that CanOps focuses on re-investing funds back into the development and advancement of public safety initiatives and solutions.

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