CanOps offers a selection of operational support services to national programs, products and services. Our flexible structure allows for expansion when and where necessary to meet specific client and public safety requirements, while ensuring we are operating in the most efficient and effective way. To ensure we are offering the best services, we work with clients to determine the right mix of of customizes services.

Our Services

Strategic Oversight and Management

Organizations and agencies who have innovative ideas, new entities, or existing operations that require oversight and/or management, but are unable to fully support or grow those can benefit by bringing us online, harnessing extensive operational and management experience across the field of Public Safety.

Policy Advisory Support and Development

For organizations looking to further understand Public Safety Policy, or who are looking to challenge, develop new, or advance existing policy, we offer Advisory Support and Development services. Our team can work with clients to research, clarify, and create public safety policy documentation.

Systems Administration and Development

Utilizing our network of experts and knowledge CanOps offers administration support and development services for Systems focused on Public safety. We can expand your organizations ideas and products, advancing them and ensuring secure, reliable, functionality.

Human Resource and Operational Support

Human Resource management can be a big challenge. Reduce your organizations workload by allowing CanOps to take on the HR function, handling management and operational supports, consistent with Public Safety best practices.

Governance Structure and Service

Many Public Safety initiatives, entities and/or organizations are essential with a important impact, but are small in size. This can make formal governance requirements and ongoing service a challenge. CanOps is able to fill that gap, and offer these services so that the impact is not lost.

Education and Training

As experts across the Public Safety landscape, CanOps offers education and training to those organizations and initiatives looking to increase their understanding or knowledge of a specific area or function, or who are looking to ensure currency with trends and technologies.


Find out how CanOps can work with your organization, project or idea. Our board is comprised of leaders from across the public safety spectrum in Canada and can work with you to determine what options exist and create a customized plan for moving forward.