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A powerful tool designed to improve public safety situational awareness, improving response time while reducing unknown factors and costs.


Built for purpose, it is the only proven and scalable Canada-wide online public safety situational awareness system, operated and overseen by a national not-for-profit that is dedicated to public safety.


The MASAS Exchange:

A Valuable Tool for:
  • Public Safety Professionals at all levels of government
  • Critical Infrastructure operators
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
Beneficial for:
  • Public Safety Officials at all levels of government
  • Public Safety Organizations and their members
  • Public Safety Associations
  • Communities
  • The Public's Safety

What is the MASAS Exchange?

CanOps’ Multi-Agency Situational Awareness System (MASAS) Exchange is a national information aggregation system that facilitates sharing ‘situational awareness’ within the public safety community.  More simply put, it is a dynamic online tool designed for improved emergency communication and situational awareness at all levels of public safety across the country.

It facilitates the efficient discovery and distribution of unclassified, non-sensitive, authoritative, transient and persistent, situational information.  The type of information shared can relate to both incidents and planned events of all sizes and includes public alerts, risks to responders, as well as community profiles, and road safety.   It is interoperable with commercial and custom public safety applications, as well as IPAWS (US System) for cross border situational awareness, and features easy to use web applications for viewing and sharing incident, operations and infrastructure information.

  • A Proven Model In Canada
  • Purpose Built to Enhance Public Safety
  • Utilizes Standard XML Code
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Fully Interoperable
  • Works with Computer Aided Dispatch
  • Online and Mobile Friendly
  • Uses Canadian Common Alerting Protocol



What Does the MASAS Exchange Do?


MASAS Exchange was created in response to the growing need for accurate, verified, real time data from multiple sources, leading to more complete and accurate situational awareness in incidents or events concerning public safety.


MASAS Exchange Benefits



How MASAS Exchange Came to Be

In January of 2011, multi-agency situational awareness was identified as a national public safety priority in the Communications Interoperability Strategy for Canada (CISC). Based on this, by the end of that year, Defence Research and Development Canada’s Centre for Security Science (DRDC CSS), in partnership with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and Public Safety Canada, launched the national Multi-Agency Situational Awareness System (MASAS) operational pilot.

During the pilot project phase, which ended officially in early 2017, these MASAS partners connected more than 500 operating units from all levels of government, and across all public safety sub-sectors, including some that used commercial and custom software applications, and others using the common MASAS web application to capture and share situational information.

This pilot was a strong success and demonstrated the MASAS system’s initial effectiveness and broad appeal. The pilot also confirmed that there is a sustainable interest in continuing the national MASAS solution.

This success led DRDC CSS and Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) to put out an open Request for Information (RFI), seeking solutions that would ensure MASAS continued to operate and serve the public safety community, and that the system would continue to operate under a suitable national governance framework.

Noting that there was no natural national organization at the time to own and govern MASAS, the Council of Canadian Fire Marshals and Fire Commissioners (CCFMFC) proposed a creative solution. This solution involved the establishment of a national not-for-profit corporation (CanOps) that would be governed by senior public safety officials, and that would fulfill operational roles for a growing range of national public safety programs and services, including MASAS.

In November 2014 PWGSC and DRDC CSS selected the CCFMFC approach, and in 2015 the duly formed CanOps was contracted to develop and operate a self-sufficient business model for MASAS, providing governance administration, business operations, communications and outreach, and user technical support for MASAS.


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