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In an effort to look for and seize upon opportunities to move forward with innovative partnerships. CanOps has recently issued a Request for Information (RFI).

This RFI is to identify interested suppliers for Warehouse Operation Services for the
National Public Safety Education Distribution Centre.

Who We Are

Welcome to CanOps, the Canadian Public Safety Operations Organization. We are a unique Member-Based not-for-profit designed to bring dynamic and important programs, projects and/or services under our umbrella, to advance public safety across Canada in an effective, efficient and integrated manner.

The challenges brought forward by fiscal realities continue to push public safety organizations to streamline and increase efficiency in their work, as well as to find new innovative models to meet the needs of Canadians.  In addition, Federal/Provincial/Territorial (FPT) policy makers have increasingly been favouring a reduced government footprint.  This means that everyone is being asked to do more with less.

The CanOps structure, which operates in a virtual capacity and has its foundation in public safety, is well suited to address these challenges.

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CanOps Org Model

Our Services

Services may include one or more of the areas below. We work with our clients to determine what level and type of services would be most beneficial to ensure the initiative, project or entity can continue to support and advance Public Safety in Canada.

Strategic Oversight and Management

Policy Advisory Support and Development

Systems Administration and Development

Human Resource and Operational Support

Service Delivery

Education and Training

Our Lines of Business

CanOps has already moved forward acquiring and building several Public Safety LOB's as shown below, and we are looking to continue to advance and improve operations across the country.